A typical home inspection takes 2-4 hours on average based on the age and square footage of the home. This allows us enough time to carefully inspect each area and system within your home. Our inspections always include thermal imaging, and a detailed report including photos and images collected during the inspection.  This report will describe any defects or areas of concern and, as appropriate, suggest possible options for remediation.

e64fa239962d100d6ab1c0f137978da8Clients are encouraged to attend the inspection and ask questions throughout; however, we find that the level of detail provided by the report typically answers any questions that may arise. After the inspection, a comprehensive report is prepared by the inspector based on the images and notes collected during the inspection. A PDF copy of the report is provided by email within 48 hours of the inspection. Reports can be rushed in some circumstances if arrangements are made before the inspection, additional charges may apply.